Family Portrait Session | Madora Bay

Mandurah Family Photographer | Portrait Session | Madora Bay

Diane and Paul received one of our Gift Vouchers for a family portrait session. After our consultation, we decided the best location for their family portrait session would be Madora Bay. Being a Mandurah family photographer, it was just up the road for me, and it’s a beautiful location as there are lawned areas before you get to the beach, as well as the vast white sands of the beach, so these areas present so many options for a great backdrop to our photography session.

Diane and Paul have 2 young children and even though they were a bit nervous about having their photo taken, they soon relaxed and had a great time, running along the beach and playing in the water.

The best way that I’ve found to get the whole family relaxed in front of the camera is to start by taking some photos of the family group, then break the family up into smaller groups, like Mum and Dad, then Mum with one child, then the other, then Mum with all the kids. Then repeat this process with Dad….Dad with one child, then the other, then Dad with all the kids.

Then the kids are more likely to be relaxed and happy to have their photo taken…having already been in front of the camera with their Mum and Dad.

This session style worked well using this informal format, and the outcome was fantastic for the family…and for me. The family loved the photos and so do I.