Mandurah Garden Wedding | Colleen & Tony

Mandurah Garden Wedding | Colleen & Tony

Colleen and Tony’s Mandurah garden wedding was the culmination of a relationship that started via a shared mutual friend, Selena, who lived near Colleen, and who worked with Tony. One thing lead to another, and eventually, Celina set them up with a date. One of their first dates was to the Nickelback concert in Perth….that would have been a really cool concert.

As time went on, Colleen and Tony moved in together, which slightly upset Celina because she lost her close neighbour.

With wedding plans well underway for their intimate garden wedding, we talked about the ‘where, what and how’ of ensuring we captured all the things that were important to Colleen and Tony. In particular, they selected a nearby park for the bridal party shots, and it included some really cool props…their neighbours Karen and Bruce, provided a 1968 Ford Mustang convertible and a Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle.

Colleen made the flowers, while a friend made the delicious wedding cake, which consisted of an iced top cake, with layers of cup cakes surrounding it.

Colleen’s daughter Jaye, was her flower girl, and her son Jaxon, walked her down the aisle.

Tony’s mate of 20 years, Shane, was the best man.

Camille Tangney conducted the ceremony.

While the boys got ready next door, Colleen and the girls were getting ready at home, while the guests, some of whom had travelled from afar, were making themselves comfortable under the patio, ahead of the ceremony getting under way.

At the appointed time, with all the guests seated, and the boys waiting patiently with Camille, Jaye made her way towards the bridal party, followed by Colleen and Jaxon.

During the ceremony, Colleen and Tony exchanged their vows, which had everyone laughing at some of the things they have vowed to do for each other…and what they wouldn’t do for each other.

After the exchange of vows, they were pronounced Husband & Wife…without the rings being exchanged. Who said you have to exchange rings first, anyway! With much laughter, the rings came out of Shane’s pocket and the exchange went ahead. At one point, the juke box even started up all by itself!

After the ceremony and the guests offered their congratulations to Colleen and Tony, we all assembled in the driveway, where Karen’s Mustang was parked, so we could get some group photos.

Later, with just the bridal party, we took the Mustang and Harley to the nearby park for the bridal party photo session.

Back at the reception, the partying was in full swing. When the speeches started, Shane told some stories about Tony that no one had heard before….I’m sure we only heard a tiny fraction of the stories that go way back, between Shane and Tony.

Shane also read messages from absent friends, including a message from Tony’s dog, Chilli…again, the guests were in stitches. After the speeches, Colleen and Tony cut the cake, which signaled the juke box volume to be cranked up a notch.

It was a pleasure to be a part of Colleen and Tony’s big day.