The Sebel Mandurah Wedding | Corinna & Ross

The Sebel Mandurah Wedding | Corinna & Ross

The Sebel Mandurah wedding of Corinna and Ross is the culmination of their last 10 years together. They first met 10 years ago on a bus from Perth to Mandurah….something about sitting at the back of the bus and Corinna was making fun of Ross’ attempt to sing his favourite Queen songs! Some things never change, says Ross, who’s still singing and Corinna is still making fun of his singing.

Fast forward to today and they’re standing amongst family and friends to celebrate their marriage…a combination of the last 10 years together, and the first day of the rest of their lives. Central to these two love birds are their beautiful children, Alexis and Brennan.

Overcast skies and light showers greeted us on the morning, but thankfully the skies cleared as the morning went on.

Corinna was attended by her sister Sam and best friend Donna, while Brennan proudly carried the ring pillow. Graham and Gary walked the bride down the aisle and when Ross set eyes on Corinna, his beaming smile said so much about how he feels about her…”she’s the most beautiful woman in the world”, he said.

Lorraine Webb conducted the service, which not only included the exchanging of wedding vows and rings, but also a toast and a hand fasting ceremony. This was done with a tartan ribbon in the Armstrong clan’s colours. After being pronounced ‘husband and wife’, the paperwork was completed, which sealed Ross’ fate.

As they were introduced to their guests, soap bubbles filled the room and these were a great source of joy for the kids as they chased after them. A celebratory glass of champagne and the congratulations from family and friends, was followed by group photos, before the guests enjoyed pre-lunch drinks and nibbles while the bridal party headed outside for their photos….which were being photo bombed by the crowds enjoying the festivities at the annual crabfest!

It’s funny how some people realise they’re ‘in the shot’ and move on, while others seem oblivious to what’s going on.

After these photos, it was off to the reception, which included some pretty funny speeches, the cutting of the cake and their first dance. The feature on the cake was the Joker and Harley Quinn….which just happens to be the engraving on their wedding rings…how cool is that!

Following the wedding, the couple enjoyed a leisurely 4 day cruise from Fremantle to Albany and return.