Why I Love What I Do

Why I Love What I Do


I’d like to tell about why I love what I do. So what do I do…..I create timeless memories of your special moments.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m photographing your family or your wedding day, I will put every ounce of energy, creativity and enthusiasm into every photo I create.

Why? Because that’s the way I am. And the result…it’s not just your images, but your whole experience from start to finish. Your journey starts with our initial contact, through the consultation, the photo session or wedding day, the follow-up meeting to review the images and order your prints, to you taking delivery of your prints or canvas wall art.

And seeing your images hanging proudly on the walls in your home….that’s why I love what I do.

The most exciting part of the family or couple’s experience is the review session, where they get to relive their session, their story, their special moments. Watching their faces as they relive the portrait session or review their wedding day…and hearing the ‘oohs’ and ‘arrhs’ as each image appears!

Just last weekend I presented a newlywed couple with their wedding images. As we sat there on the lounge and played the slideshow, the bride would say ‘oh, I love this one’. When the next image appeared, she said ‘that’s beautiful…I love this one’. Then the next image appeared and it’s the same thing….that’s what drives me and that’s why I love what I do!

You can read more about my portrait photography and my wedding photography services and contact me on 0427822204 or email me for a no-obligation chat to discuss your photography needs…I look forward to hearing from you soon.