Yallingup Beach Wedding | Sabrina & Duncan

Yallingup Beach Wedding | Sabrina & Duncan

Sabrina and Duncan were recently married in Larroch, Germany, Sabrina’s home town, but they also wanted to share their special day with their family and friends here in WA . So they celebrated their beautiful Yallingup beach wedding as an  ‘affirmation of vows’ ceremony.

Sabrina’s family flew out from Germany to attend the ceremony, which allowed her father to ‘walk her down the beach aisle’. The family were also looking forward to spending some time touring around the southwest of this beautiful state.

Sabrina and Duncan’s beach ceremony was a very laid back affair, which reflected the nature of this couple and their friends. The dress code was beachwear, and that perfectly suited the warm sunny afternoon on the beach.

Once their family and friends were assembled on the beach, and with Diane the celebrant, Sabrina and her father descended the stairs and made their way onto the beach. With Sabrina and Duncan now surrounded by their family and closest friends, they reaffirmed their wedding vows. A sand ceremony, which involved Sabrina pouring sand from her home town, and Duncan pouring sand from Yallingup beach, into a glass bottle, to form a bond between Sabina and Duncan’s background.

They also had personal labels made for the wine that they used to toast their big days….a sparkling Brut Cuvee. Another cool thing was their ‘his’ and ‘hers’ wine goblet which looked like a conventional goblet, but it was actually two halves that fitted neatly together….another example of their bond that was formed by their marriage.

Popular footwear on the day were thongs and Sabrina and Duncan’s thongs were engraved with ‘Just Married’, which left a wonderful impression in the sand. We had fun at the water’s edge, trying to get that impression in the sand, just right.

Following the beach ceremony, the newlyweds, their family and their friends returned to their beach house for an evening of great food, great wine and great music.